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A Dave Meyer Favorite – Technology and Marketing

As I’ve said using technology in marketing is a favorite topic of mine and this music video does a great job of it.

The beauty of a piece like this is that the technology is very understandable, integrating HTML 5 and street level imagery. Yet the application is so well done it results in a music video that is an excellent viral marketing strategy.

This is another favorite from Dave Meyer’s http://www.herdofmouth.com blog and it is definitely worth checking out. The imagery of the streets you grew up on brings back memories.



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Dave Meyer at NYU

After working for a few years in the early 90s, my academic and an intellectual curiosity got the better of me and I applied to the doctoral program at the Stern School of Business at NYU. I was lucky enough to get a full fellowship offer and I moved to New York for my studies.

For the next year I worked in a highly applied academic environment. The round table discussions with the great professors and students really stimulated my thoughts as to the entrepreneurial use of new media and technology in business.

There I was also fortunate enough to be selected to present my work, Dave Meyer’s Visual Analyst tool, to map out complex business environments at the inaugural Association for Information Systems Conference in 1995.

Soon the entrepreneurial bug overwhelmed me and I left NYU to co-found eNeighborhoods.

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Early Career for Dave Meyer

When I got out of college in the early 90’s I worked in the computer consulting industry. It was a great growth experience because I was able to look at the business world with a fresh perspective after going to Penn.

This perspective enabled me (Dave Meyer) to really start interviewing my clients better to establish in-depth their needs. I still to this day remember one of the ultimate compliments I received which was to have a client say about a project to automate a process, ‘if I could have imagined what it would look like on the computer this would be it.’ I was always confident in my programming abilities but I think it was at that point I realized a had an uncommon vision to merge business and computers.

Up next Dave Meyer takes his career and opens his mind to the next level at NYU’s doctoral program.


Dave Meyer

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The Management & Technology Program Didn’t Change My Life

The Management & Technology (M&T) Program at the University of Pennsylvania didn’t change my life. That was the beauty of it. I was able to pursue both business interests and study serious computer programming. I truly think it’s the only program in the world that offers such an option backed by such strong schools as the Wharton School of Business and the Moore School of Engineering.

It was the late 80’s when I started college and I actually had some Wall Street aspirations in my head. That quickly faded though and in Wharton I switch from finance to decision sciences (since renamed Information Technology I believe). I learned a lot in college but most of all I refined my thinking process, I formalized it in a way and I have the M&T program to thank for that.

M&T has produced some really great entrepreneurs from its program. It even produced an astronaut. If they count Dave Meyer as a small part of all that legacy then I’m extremely proud.


Dave Meyer

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A popular post from Dave Meyer’s herdofmouth blog

As an aside, my interest in viral marketing has led me to start a blog, http://www.herdofmouth.com by Dave Meyer.  Just wanted to share here a popular post from there concerning a viral video About Shooting a Bear that has business implications.

My review on this video can be found at



Dave Meyer

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The origin of my interest in business & technology

To this day I’m not sure exactly why Dave Meyer’s (again me :)) interest was always in business & technology rather than say gaming & technology.  I know my interest in programming stemmed from my father’s purchase of a TRS-80 Model 1 way back when they first came out in the late 70’s.  But we also had one of the first Atari systems on the market and I was an avid game player.  I had played around with programming a few text based adventures inspired by the Scott Adams games of the day but in the end I guess it was a marriage of opportunity because my dad got into computer consulting and I had the chance to make real money programming.  Once involved I really enjoyed the creative aspects even though others my age probably saw programming an orthodontic practice management system boring.  I found it exciting to bring new technology to an industry.  So that was the start of a life of entrepreneurship I suppose.  Next stop University of Pennsylvania and the life changing Management & Technology Program.

TRS-80 Model 1

Atari 2600



 Dave Meyer

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Marketing myself – one of the goals of this site

I want to be 100% honest and put it out there that one of the goals of this site is to move myself up on the search rankings for my own name, Dave Meyer.  For someone in the industry I found that I had been so caught up in my own entrepreneurial projects that I didn’t keep up on marketing myself.  Since marketing and technology via social media and viral marketing is one my focuses now, I intend to practice what I preach and market my own name out there.  Right now an inactive blog, http://meyerla.com, that I started 2 years ago is on the top of page 3 of Google’s search for Dave Meyer.  I redirected that site to http://dsmeyer.com. I’ll update my progress as it comes.


Dave Meyer

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My goals with this site


This site is an overview of Dave Meyer’s (me) business career with highlights and stories from eNeighborhoods, iPlace, FreeCreditReport & Dominion Enterprises. I’ll also touch on some points from my academic career where I had a Doctoral Fellowship in Information Systems at the Stern School of Business at NYU and completed the Management & Technology Program at the University of Pennsylvania which combines a degree from the Wharton School of Business with a degree from the Moore School of Engineering.

More importantly though I explore some topics of business to me and I hope to others. These include:

Viral Marketing ∙ Technology Strategy ∙ Team Building & Leadership ∙ Technology Integration & Transformation ∙ Product Vision & Roadmaps ∙ Technology in Marketing ∙ Technology Crisis Management ∙ Subscription Sales & Retention ∙ Agile Product Development ∙ Project Management ∙ Client Requirements Gathering ∙ Strategic Partnership Identification & Negotiation


Dave Meyer

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