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The Management & Technology Program Didn’t Change My Life

The Management & Technology (M&T) Program at the University of Pennsylvania didn’t change my life. That was the beauty of it. I was able to pursue both business interests and study serious computer programming. I truly think it’s the only program in the world that offers such an option backed by such strong schools as the Wharton School of Business and the Moore School of Engineering.

It was the late 80’s when I started college and I actually had some Wall Street aspirations in my head. That quickly faded though and in Wharton I switch from finance to decision sciences (since renamed Information Technology I believe). I learned a lot in college but most of all I refined my thinking process, I formalized it in a way and I have the M&T program to thank for that.

M&T has produced some really great entrepreneurs from its program. It even produced an astronaut. If they count Dave Meyer as a small part of all that legacy then I’m extremely proud.


Dave Meyer


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