Dave Meyer

Management, Marketing & Technology Expert


Dave Meyer – I’ve been working hard bringing new technology solutions to existing industries with over 20 years experience as a technologist, entrepreneur and strategist.  From writing the original code for eNeighborhoods to leading the technology team at FreeCreditReport.com, I’ve been working in environments where marketing was at the forefront.  Through it all Fabio and Richard Simmons have participated in my marketing campaigns and I’ve even been on stage with Bruce Springsteen in Asbury Park singing Santa Claus is coming to town.  It’s been a fun ride.

This blog is globally focused on my business career and all of my business interests which include:

Viral Marketing ∙ Technology Strategy ∙ Team Building & Leadership ∙ Technology Integration & Transformation  ∙ Product Vision & Roadmaps  ∙ Technology in Marketing ∙ Technology Crisis Management ∙ Subscription Sales & Retention  ∙ Agile Product Development  ∙ Project Management   ∙ Client Requirements Gathering   ∙  Strategic Partnership Identification & Negotiation

Dave Meyer Thanks,  Dave

p.s. Follow me on twitter @meyerla for the latest postings and other ramblings or e-mail me directly at dmeyer AT mailtous DOT com


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