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Early Career for Dave Meyer

When I got out of college in the early 90’s I worked in the computer consulting industry. It was a great growth experience because I was able to look at the business world with a fresh perspective after going to Penn.

This perspective enabled me (Dave Meyer) to really start interviewing my clients better to establish in-depth their needs. I still to this day remember one of the ultimate compliments I received which was to have a client say about a project to automate a process, ‘if I could have imagined what it would look like on the computer this would be it.’ I was always confident in my programming abilities but I think it was at that point I realized a had an uncommon vision to merge business and computers.

Up next Dave Meyer takes his career and opens his mind to the next level at NYU’s doctoral program.


Dave Meyer


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The origin of my interest in business & technology

To this day I’m not sure exactly why Dave Meyer’s (again me :)) interest was always in business & technology rather than say gaming & technology.  I know my interest in programming stemmed from my father’s purchase of a TRS-80 Model 1 way back when they first came out in the late 70’s.  But we also had one of the first Atari systems on the market and I was an avid game player.  I had played around with programming a few text based adventures inspired by the Scott Adams games of the day but in the end I guess it was a marriage of opportunity because my dad got into computer consulting and I had the chance to make real money programming.  Once involved I really enjoyed the creative aspects even though others my age probably saw programming an orthodontic practice management system boring.  I found it exciting to bring new technology to an industry.  So that was the start of a life of entrepreneurship I suppose.  Next stop University of Pennsylvania and the life changing Management & Technology Program.

TRS-80 Model 1

Atari 2600



 Dave Meyer

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