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A Dave Meyer Favorite – Technology and Marketing

As I’ve said using technology in marketing is a favorite topic of mine and this music video does a great job of it.

The beauty of a piece like this is that the technology is very understandable, integrating HTML 5 and street level imagery. Yet the application is so well done it results in a music video that is an excellent viral marketing strategy.

This is another favorite from Dave Meyer’s http://www.herdofmouth.com blog and it is definitely worth checking out. The imagery of the streets you grew up on brings back memories.



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A popular post from Dave Meyer’s herdofmouth blog

As an aside, my interest in viral marketing has led me to start a blog, http://www.herdofmouth.com by Dave Meyer.  Just wanted to share here a popular post from there concerning a viral video About Shooting a Bear that has business implications.

My review on this video can be found at



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